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2010/09/16 / Anton

SHOW // Liturgy + Gtuk at West Germany, Berlin

I’ve always had a thing for Black Metal somehow…the fact that many musicians in Norway in the early 90’s took everything they did and stood for so seriously that the music did not seem to be so important, somehow fascinates me – and it makes me laugh sometimes, too. Anyone who wants to learn more about what happened during that era should watch the documentary “Until the Light Takes Us”, in which Varg Vikernes tries to explain what made him burn all those churches and that killing Euronymous with 27 stabs was an act of self-defence.

But it’s not just the insanity of many people involved that caught my mind – it’s the aesthetics of the sound. But while I refuse to listen to artists defending neo-facist ideologies, which still seems to play a big part in the Norwegian Black Metal scene (no generalization here, of course), many American Black Metal bands tend to focus more on the music and bring in other influences. Wolves in the Throne are a prime example of this.

There are more bands like this and Tuesday night, I went to see Brooklyn’s-“Pure Transcendental Black Metal” outfit Liturgy at the West Germany who were supported by Berlin’s 8Bit-Core-One-Man show Gtuk (possibly his last show as Gtuk). Even though the sound was rather modest and the first part of the show was interupted by a series of bass strings being broken, I am still blown away by the energy they were transmitting. There was no corpse paint, no candles, no spikes, just good and epic music with philosophical ambition. Anyone who is fond of the black metal sound with an avant-garde touch should give them a listen.

Liturgy @ Myspace


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