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2010/09/27 / Anton

ALBUM // Tera Melos – Patagonian Rats

When I saw Tera Melos live, it was not just the sounds coming from their instruments that made it hard to stay focused. I remember guitarist and Singer Nick Reinhart jumping from one effect pedal to the next, almost as if that was a practiced choreography.

Now, with their latest LP “Patagonian Rats” (released on the fantastic label Sargent House) math-pop (?) trio Tera Melos have gotten quite an amount of attention, which I think is well deserved. I first heard them on the exhaustingly good Split-EP with “By The End of Tonight” and compared to their first album “Drugs to the Dear Youth” they cut back most of the jam parts and Nick Reinhart’s voice is now an integral part of their songs. Despite tons of catchy melodies, listening to their recent output is still hard work. I will not even try to name all the stilistic influences that can be heard on the record, so I guess you should just start to find out yourself by watching their video to “Frozen Zoo” and then buy their records, which can be streamed just like all the other Sargent House releases via Bandcamp.




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