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2010/09/29 / monteurhulot

EP // Breton – Sharing Notes

This new EP from London’s Breton fits well on the arc of British post-punk-revival-pop’s incorporating elements of other beat-based musics over the last decade.  Sharing Notes might be put closest to Foals‘ new Total Life Forever or the bizarre chamber-grime of These New Puritans Hidden. There are similarities too with Kele Okereke’s recent activity or, on the continent, Berlin’s Bodi Bill. This might not seem like the most promising ground to be treading at the moment, but there isn’t a single weak track among the six, most of them being under 3 minutes and each having a good deal of internal diversity; together they provide much variety in 15 minutes, moving from clean guitar lines and frenetic drumming to Thom Yorke doom-dancehall. (Favorite song: all of them.)

Breton also functions as a film-making & arts collective, so the EP has two corresponding videos, which just so happen to be for the first and last tracks, which do a fine job showcasing the full range of flavours, from The Well’s trip-hop

to the of-course-we’re-using-French State of Post-Punk 2010 piece 15x

The latter video documents the creation of the incredible packaging for the EP, an etched aluminum case with hand-made circuit board and instructions for making a monophonic synthesizer. At Rough Trade.


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