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2010/10/27 / Anton

SHOW // Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina at Madame Claude, Berlin

Last night I went to see Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina at the Madame Claude, Berlin as part of the Campfire Sessions for a very reasonable price (1€ + donations). My motivation to go to this show was the fact that I like Karate a lot, that was it. I haven’t heard any solo stuff by Geoff Farina let alone anything by Chris Brokaw (formerly of Codeine) before that night..
The first thing I noticed when entering the venue was that not just the musician in the front seem too have aged a lot because I felt very young among the people in crowd who probably have even seen shows by Karate before, which is definitely before my time. The show itself had a very intimate atmosphere and I felt like I’m a tiny basement in the East Village some years back (although I hardly know how that feels like). The set started with the two men playing Americana and Country-influenced songs from their collaboration record “The Angel’s Message To Me” followed by a solo set by Geoff Farina. I think that you could not have told by the sound of his voice that he was the singer in Karate and apart from that the set was not too exciting either. He said that he wrote most of the songs he played that night while staying in Maine (which he called the “Rostock of the States – it’s up in the North and it’s pretty lonely”).
Then Chris Brokaw entered the stage again and now it was his turn to play a solo set which I thought was a lot better than the one before because his songs belonged to the more interesting kind of singer-songwriter tunes.
I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing but without playing any songs from their old bands (at least as far as I can tell), they finished the show as a duett again, now playing a mix of very old American Folk songs and songs off their latest record. I can imagine that the musicians are happy about the audience being interesting in the songs they wrote after they quit their old bands and that the show was not like one of those weird Paul McCartney solo shows where everyone is tired of hearing his new songs and impatiently waiting for him play the classics. This definitely was not the case yesterday and well entertained I went home thinking about how hard it is to play exciting music solely on acoustic guitars.

Here is some video material taken from a show they played in NYC:


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