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2010/11/03 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Music For Lovers Music Versus Time

SPEAKING OF ELECTROACOUSTIC ALBUMS RELEASED BY DUOS FROM BERLIN, Nils Frahm also recently recorded an album with chronic collaborator F.S. Blumm. Here there are plenty of acoustic strings, keys and mallets, usually playing pleasant little refrains, around and around while electronics add some glitchy effects, but never anything that could be described as a beat. Each element is closely and lovingly recorded; it is the sort of album that gives the impression that you can hear the quality of the wood in the room where the music was made. Again, comparisons could be made to Japanese electroacoustic works, particularly Tenniscoats’ collaboration with Room40 label head Lawrence English. When horns enter, comparably strident, they conjure the quietest moments of Arts & Crafts.

Music For Lovers Music Versus Time is a limited release from Sonic Pieces who offer a particular niece piece here:

And the rest of the album for streaming if you click on the cover image:


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