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2010/11/03 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Nils Frahm & Anne Müller – 7Fingers

Hush Records, from Portland, Oregon, have releases under their belt from local folk-rockers like The Decemberists, (the fun early 5 Songs EP) Loch Lomond (the excellent Paper The Walls) and Laura Gibson. An emphasis on acoustic string instrumentation connects those earlier works to the new issuance 7Fingers from Berliners Nils Frahm and Anne Müller, Instead of approaching American-styled folk, Frahm and Müller create an electroacoustic glitch-pop that can be in turns reminiscent of the quieter moments of Mouse on Mars or The Books, Icelandic composer Jóhann  Jóhannsson or the Japanese school of pastoral electronics epitomized by Shuta Hasunuma and Susumu Yokota.

“Let My Key Be C” operates like a cinematic score, mid-album highlight “Show Me Your Teeth” is driving enough to function as a kind of subdued minimal techno. The title track gets impressive force from the alternating usage of looping and sustaining cello notes. Give it a listen here:

Or see a video for trad-glitch workout “Journey For A Traveller”

7Fingers is out on Hush Records.



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