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2010/11/04 / monteurhulot

EP // Breton – Counter Balance

We discussed the London-based group Breton early last month; they now have some more tracks to share with the world, packaged in a 13 minute EP titled Counter Balance. Opener “RDI” is their first time directly approaching dubstep, successfully melding the typical drum patterns and sweeps with the jittery post-punk guitars and Gang of Four bass lines that were mainstays on Sharing Notes. The title track compelling entwines solid trip-hop boom-bap with plaintive vocals; “December” does interesting things with horn and string samples, sounding like Gorillaz playing on the RMS Lusitania. All in all, a very good addition to the Breton’s existing output. One more “EP” and they’ll have a really excellent debut record on their hands.

Counter Balance will on December 6th be the 10th release of Hemlock Recordings, who already have a number of great recordings by Untold, James Blake, Fantastic Mr Fox and Ramadanman. For now, it’s all available to stream on soundcloud.



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