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2010/11/13 / monteurhulot

SHOW // Bonobo – 9:30 Club, DC

As I’ve been discussing the live shows of bands that come to their sounds through interesting historical paths, this would be a good time to talk about Bonobo, the musical project of Brit Simon Green. While on recordings the name first denoted his work as a producer, he now plays with a fairly full band, as he did on November 10th at the 9:30 club in the District of Columbia. Seeing Bonobo play as a full band has some inherent comedic value, as it means sharing a room filled with people who would typically never go to something labeled as a jazz show and are enjoying a full hour of jazz being played for them. Now, unlike the groups who play under the rubric of “jazz” and trace a direct line from the bebop and post-bop eras, or simply play free jazz, Bonobo’s music has traveled from jazz to funk to hip-hop and into the British electronic musics inspired by hip-hop, particular the style often found on Ninja Tune (appropriate, as it’s the label he’s been on for the entirety of his career) and has then, recreated live, turned back into a sort of jazz. The strongest suit of Bonobo’s most recent album, Black Sands is its absolutely gorgeous production, every bit perfect, providing Consider that this can’t exactly be translated to the stage, it was still quite a strong show, one that proved it had crossed into the territory of jazz with its clarinet solos. Clarinet solos. Frequent guest vocalist Andreya Triana provided the tasteful female vocals that are also typical of many Ninja Tune projects.

Here’s one from Black Sands featuring her talents, as well as an interesting incorporation of dubstep/garage elements that succeeds fantastically at being in conversation with the contemporary without being mere trendchasing:


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