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2010/11/15 / monteurhulot

ARTIST // Worriedaboutsatan

Music with 4/4 electronic drum patterns, played at tempos of 120 beats per minute is propulsive, yes? Inspiring of movement? Tracks by Worriedaboutsatan nearly always have those, but they are never in a rush to get anywhere. One could dance to many of them, in a pensive fashion, but in crafting their songs, this particular duo sounds at least as interested in and careful about crafting spectral ambiance and the skittish loops that nod towards glitch pop as they are about bass-heavy rhythms. At times they’ll take a break for some post-rock guitar noodling and grainily-textured IDM (ewww, I said that) beats (“You’re In My Thoughts”) The end result could be described as being like Thom Yorke and Alva Noto falling asleep at Berghain, if you like (and you probably shouldn’t.)

Last year they released Arrivals on Gizeh Records, which, like the band, is from Leeds in England. Much of it is available to stream on their Soundcloud page, “Evil Dogs” may be most representative of their full range of sounds.

More recently, Worriedaboutsatan reimagined “Icarus” from Portland, Oregon-based White Hinterland, centered around Casey Daniel. Her first record made her out to be a jazzy pianist-singer for the Joanna Newsom era; the second release Kairos (both are on Dead Oceans) piled on the drum machines. The original version of “Icarus” is a massively pleasant, echoing Beach House-like number that could probably sell a lot of something. (In a good way!) The remix replaces breezy joy with tension: the vocals are buried deeper in the mix, the “oooh-oooh-ooohs” fall down away into a cavernous space when they once floated away, and a simple filtered keyboard figure is neurotically repeated again and again and again. The remix and original serve as antipodes, one soaking in 3 PM sun, the other melting in 3 AM isolation. Recommended!


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  1. TV ecHo / Nov 16 2010 02:58

    Worriedaboutsatan likes that we like them. We like that.

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