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2010/11/19 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Autumn, Again

Since September 20th, Philadelphia-sourced band A Sunny Day In Glasgow has been offering a new album, labeled “Pop Songs – 2010” but titled “Autumn, Again” as a free download “until Autumn ends*,” with the option of purchasing a vinyl disc for Fourteen American Dollars. The best shoegaze group of at least the last half-decade has not yet declared it to be winter, you can still get the follow-up to last year’s excellentAshes Grammar, full of more wonderfully electronics-washed ethereal pop. I would also recommend taking any opportunity you get to see the band play live. Sadly, the turnout for their shows tends to be shockingly low, which, while unfortunate for the band, this should allow you to get as close as you’d like to their wall of sound.

Please, fall into their fuzzy vortex.

(Here’s a stream of one of the tracks. I don’t know why I bother, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FULL RECORD FOR FREE.)


*Ben Daniels has declared that if he were made God for a day, he would “Make it autumn everywhere, all the time,” so perhaps there is no plan to ever the files down.

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