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2010/11/21 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Igorrr – Nostril

Nostril opens with reversed tabla samples and a drone tone. The tablas speed up a bit. The tablas are opened up, the world is thrown inside, and for the rest of the album, the tablas are played with a giant robotic hammer.

Surprise! It’s a breakcore album!

But not just any breakcore album. It’s not all ragga samples and drill ‘n’ bass here. While the label press release emphasizes the metal and baroque elements, and there are plenty, Igorrr (a French person, we are told) incorporates Western Classical music of other periods, acoustic guitar bits, the aforementioned tablas, drum & bass,  some operatic singing, piano jazz, and what could be mid-century Egyptian pop. There’s a brief Appalachian breakdown.

It’s nice.

This is an album excels in its ability to reach an interesting syncretism by creating rhythmically-delineated sonic chaos. The result certainly does sound like breakcore, but as much as it might remind one of Venetian Snares, it’s also reminiscent of the weird world-folk synthesis of the Sun City Girls.

Here’s a track that draws more from the metal and baroque pools:

Nostril was just released on the Berlin-based Ad Noiseam label.

Igorrr’s previous record, Moisissure, was released for free by Acroplane and is still available for download. It’s somewhat less frantic!



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