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2010/11/24 / Anton

SHOW // Baths + dd/mm/yyyy – Conne Island, Leipzig

Finishing my marathon of live shows (November is a good month for seeing bands), I drove to Leipzig to see Baths play his very first show in Germany. He was supposed to share the stage with dd/mm/yyyy and Women, who both have a connection to Leipzig, since they will release a split LP on the fine local label, Altin Village. However Women decided to have this notorious fight onstage and cancel their tour (which made Pitchfork announce that pretty much all the Europe dates of the dd/mm/yyyy are cancelled, too).

I do not really know dd/mm/yyyy from their records but I saw them live earlier this year playing a crazy unofficial show at SXSW (one of their 19 shows, while they were in Austin) in an overcrowded student co-op together with Pattern is Movement, Maps & Atlases and some other bands. This time they played a solid but not overly exciting mathy, rhythmic set.

Next, Will Weisenfeld aka Baths entered the stage and you could absolutely believe him when he said that he was excited to be in Germany. The place wasn’t exactly packed but the Conne Island (which is a very nice venue) can hold quite a number of people.

Baths started with the last track of his album, Hall, and I immediately knew why I was here and why I was so excited to hear one of the best albums of the year live. It was a lot fun to watch him perform, especially seeing him smile every time people in the audience started to cheer at him. His dance moves are great and I found it very likeable when he tried to get the audience to follow him with his moves, saying “Come on, you’re not too hip to dance!”.

I was suprised by how breaky a lot of his live set was but he mixed it with a few straightforward 4/4 tunes, among those a new song. After playing one encore (“a song about animals”) the audience of course, still did not have enough and requested insistently to hear more but the only thing he had left to please them was a pile of his CD’s, which was the only merch he had with him.

Even though the drive back and forth to Leizig was somewhat exhausting, it was worth getting sick the next day to see one of the best live shows this year.

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