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2010/11/29 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Hiiragi Fukuda – My Turntable Is Slow

That title registers perfectly when one hears the first sounds of opener “Martinique Post Office,” itself aptly named, which takes the wonderful lo-fi ambiance, spoken-sung vocals and the gentle, looping acoustic guitar of Tsutomu Satachi together towards an exceedingly full sound. It would be fine with me if this were repeated for six more tracks, as the sound of the Tsutomu Satachi formula is a rare treat, but there are a number of stylistic turns in store here. While “H. Kissinger of Cetus” (yes, all the songs have great titles) begins with the same looping acoustic figures, it adds serious doses of electric skronk in its second half, which is appropriate in light of the work Fukada (who has also gone by Doronco Gumo)  has done in the past with the decades-old psych/rock/noise ensemble Les Rallizes Dénudés and Suishou no Fune. You Should Take an Umbrella With You” is a piece for kalimba/mbira because of course it is. To make a comparison outside of Japan, the albums 47 minutes play out something like Broadcast, if Broadcast were a one-man jam band.

So far, My Turntable is Slow has only been released as a run of 90 cassettes on Belgium’s Sloow Tapes; most fortunately you can also stream and download high-quality copies of each of the seven tracks here at Free Music Archive. No excuses!



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