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2011/01/17 / monteurhulot

EP // Julio Bashmore – Everyone Needs A Theme Tune

Whither programmed bass music in the new year? Now that Diplo has released a dubstep compilation, is it a dead concept? Will the second Kode9 & Spaceape LP give that genre a new meaning, or suggest what lies beyond? Will ‘tropical’ will give way to ‘arid,’ as DJ/Rupture has predicted, and what exactly will that mean? Will treble defeat bass? Will we accidentally start listening to blog house again?

These four new tracks from Bristol-based producer Julio Bashmore, who started out with a very UK Funky sound, may not prove to be typical of 2011, but it’s certainly an interesting foot forward an a fresh amalgam of styles. “Ask Yourself” is the closest thing to UK Funky here, “The Horn That Time Forgot” brings a surprise dose of skwee, while the two remaining tracks bypass current obsessions with warped R&B to play around with disco signifiers. In the case of the title track, a guitar riff is flipped into a weird downtempo shuffle that begins to sound, in a strange way, South African. Then there’s the case of lead-off and stand-out, “Battle For Middle You,” which can be streamed here:

I really abuse the term “Future Garage,” but that’s my definition of it this month.

Everyone Needs A Theme Tune is the first release of Bashmore’s own PMR Records.

It has fascinatingly hideous cover art.



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