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2011/01/18 / Anton

SHOW // Wye Oak – Hotel Michelberger, Berlin (17.01.2011)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing Wye Oak at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin. It was a free show and part of several promo concerts they played around Europe. Not just because they signed to City Slang that day, I assume it was the last chance to see this band play a show like this.
The place was packed but it still was a very intimate and enjoyable gig. Although I could not really see that much (except for a nice bookshelf I was standing behind most of the time), I was able to notice that the guy played the drums one-handed while playing the basslines on the synth and that the singer is quite handsome.
Their setlist consisted of songs from their EP “My Neighbor / My Creator” and their upcoming album “Civilian” including the title track and the other blog favorite “I Hope You Die”. And since they are from Baltimore, they did not forget to include The Wire reference in their announcements between the songs.

Wye Oak – Civilian


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