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2011/02/16 / monteurhulot

EP // Ghosryda – Dark Days

At least since Burial’s 2007 Untrue, there has been a tendency within UK bass musics which relies heavily on chopped up, distorted vocals, often taken from R&B, full of a sort of drowned longing. More recently, Planet Mu has been spearheading the charge to popularize Chicago-originated footwork style, which also relies heavily on vocal samples, rhythmically repeating word snippets until a sort of absurdity is achieved, and a few UK producers have tried their hand at creating footwork hybrids, most notably Addison Groove’s “Footcrab.

Dutch producer and Generation Bass operator Ghosryda takes the combination of English and American styles further, building the tracks on his Dark Days EP around the insistent, rapid-fire vocal samples of footwork and applying therhythms and instrumentation of UK Funky, Grime, and Garage, and, to my ears, at times evoking the The Prodigy. The result has the peculiar hypnotism of footwork, and the aural harshness it shares with grime, but replaces its odd drum programming with more straight-ahead garage-descended rhythms. Solid.

Virgin Fang is offering the four-song set for forty-nine hundredths of a euro dollar.

Have a listen:


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