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2011/03/25 / Anton

SXSW // Summary

With a slight delay as always, here is my post-SXSW list. Given the massive amount of SXSW coverage, I decided to make it as short as possible. Maybe also, because I’m kind of lazy.

A’s Top 5 Shows at SXSW

I actually don’t need to say that SXSW is just too much of everything, so much, it just doesn’t make sense to think about what I have missed etc. Good thing, I still managed to see more than 30 bands while staying in Austin. Here are some of my favorites: (Two bands of the previous list made it into that one)


Played in a small theatre (in the back of the Hideout café). Saw them two years ago at the Schokoladen in Berlin but with a different line-up and sound. Now with Touchy Mob on board their sound is even more intimate and fascinating. Looking foward to seeing them again in Berlin and to hear their new album.



Heard lots of good stuff about them before and really liked their track Zut Alore! before going to SXSW. Their showcase at the Malaia Upstairs was (apart from the next band) the most fun I had at SXSW. Dancing, instruments handed out the audience, light show. It had everything.


FM Belfast

Saw them at Iceland Airwaves and I just had to go to two of their shows in Austin again, not just to meet my friends there. Whenever you get the chance to see them..DO IT! Not much else needs to be said.

FM Belfast

Headless Horseman Unfortunately not many people showed up at their showcase at Novola. But anyways, I feel it’s always a good sign if bands have a certain sound and you can easily recognize them – as trivial as it might be, it was something that was actually hard to find for me at SXSW. The singer’s high voice was amazing and their percussion-focused sound which included them hitting on pans etc. did not sound corny at all.

Headless Horseman

Horse The Band

I had a little free time and did not really have a plan so I went to see Horse the Band, the Nintendocore pioneers that I used to listen to quite a lot. They played the Emo’s Annex a nd I don’t regret this at all, what a great change ir was to see a hardcore band. My favorite moment of this year’s SXSW: The band’s manager entered the stage and played at triangle solo. Hilarious.

Horse The Band

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