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2011/03/29 / Anton

MP3 // Seams – Hung Markets

This British electronic producer Seams is one among the bunch of people that seam (oh well no, I hate word plays) to constantly remix each other, such as Gold Panda, Dam Mantle etc. who have already been featured on this blogs, so with this one, it was only a matter of time.

I found the following track on the highly recommendable Bands to watch in 2011 mixtape by The 405, which also features Einar Stray and an amazing tune by Mathy-Loop-Rock outfit Tall Ships. Hung Markets starts of with sampling that could have also been on Endtroducing but develops into a repetitive but never boring mid-tempo epic. Seams obviously put a lot of effort in to each of the samples, including interesting drum sounds in the beginning and a mysterious Glockenspiel at the end. Amazing.

It’s part of the self-released Tourist EP which can be streamed on bandcamp. On his page it also says:

I recorded this EP over the summer whilst working in Berlin.
It was inspired by the outdoor living of the city in the summer, and how much music was intrinsically linked to daily life.

I spent much of my time in Berlin recording the sounds of the city with a tape recorder and my phone. I then based each track on these recordings, attempting to recreate the feeling of being there.

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