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2011/04/13 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services – Black Mill Tapes, Vol. 2

Following the excellent first volume comes “Do You Synthesize?” another batch of electronic compositions that combine a fairly contemporary feel with a thick BBC Radiophonic Workshop sci-fi sound. The first track immediately introduces vintage spaceship sound effect synths, with slo-mo cold-wave Italo-disco nosing its way in for “Electronic Rhythm Number Seven.” The full set is less driving than Vol. 1 (itself certainly not chok-full of dancefloor bangers) but it’s haunt(ing/ological)ly beautiful throughout, from the lonesome drones of “Transmission Four: Crooked Hill” and “Ecneuqes Rorrim” to the warped Raymond Scott bounce of “Through the King’s Wood” and the enveloping long-form dub techno exploration “Toward Light”; The Head Technician aligns a variety of genres under a singular stylistic field.

Black Mill Tapes, Vol. 2 can be streamed at the Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services bandcamp, where it can be purchased for 4.99 of the world’s premiere currency, the British pound sterling.



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