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2011/04/30 / Anton

SHOWS // Bodi Bill, Liturgy, Touchy Mob

Bodi Bill live in Berlin

An intense week full of amazing shows slowly ends. It all started on Monday with the first out of four sold out shows Bodi Bill played at the Lido and they just proved why they are one the most relevant and exciting bands in Germany right now. I had the pleasure of seeing 3 out of these 4 shows and every single one it them just blew me away. Bodi Bill bring their songs to a whole new level with the way they use instrumentation, visuals and lights. It makes you realize once again what seeing a band live is all about. There are only few other bands that manage to bring danceable electronic tracks and conventional pop songs together as skillfully as they do. So if you’re still not familiar with the band, watch the video and check out their songs on Soundcloud.

In between, Wednesday it was, I went to see Thrill Jockey mega lineup, Mi Ami (now apparently a noise-pop band you can dance to) and the ridiciolously great Liturgy. No bass string broken this time and with a much better sound at the Leevee Club, they just made me speechless. With loads of mathy rhythms and even mosh parts, amazing drumming Liturgy really brought everyone in the audience to a transcendental state of mind. Intense.

Finally, Thursday aforementioned Touchy Mob opened for Bodi Bill as he will do for some more shows on their tour . It was interesting to see how even on a bigger stage he still manages to entertain and move people just by himself and he is just getting better and better and better.

Later that night, I basically had to drag myself to see Pantha du Prince at Berghain. It was supposed to be a record release gig for his new remix album, even though it seemed like he mostly just played songs of the original one. When I saw him perform at Melt! last year it was just one huge bassy buzz in which it was hard to identify his bells and all the other pretty handmade sounds he uses , so it was nice seeing him in such a venue, but somehow it’s not a real must I have to say.

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