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2011/05/10 / monteurhulot

VIDEO // Ghosting Season – Far End of the Graveyard

Worriedaboutsatan, purveyors of Leeds’ (and yea, perhaps England’s) finest tech-pop, have of late decided that their concerns lay less in the demoniacal and more in the hauntological, choosing continue as a unchanged artistic unit but  release new material under the moniker Ghosting Season, a move we can only hope will not doom them to being labeled “witch house,” although a “post-dubstep” tag from the British online music press may be just around the corner.

We can expect some great new material from the, judging by single “Far End of the Graveyard,” which proves their style hold strong in a world in which “Ego / Mirror” exists. Now that song has a video, in which a graphic designer is about to be executed by a unit of the Godard Youth, until he’s saved by meta-narrative. I think?

Make yr own interpretations:


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