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2011/05/19 / Anton

VIDEO // Horse the Band Earth Tour

This was an interesting undertaking.

What are you doing when most of your friends enjoy the weather, meet up to have lunch and simply enjoy a nice sunday? You lock yourself in a flat with two friends and watch a 10,5h documentary about Horse The Band touring the globe in 2008. They were on the road for 90 days and played in front of fluctuating amounts of people in Malaysia, Belarus, China and 42 other countries.
10,5h means that I could write pages and pages about this film but I will just list some facts about the band and this particular movie

– they booked the tour pretty much by themselves because they were bored by doing the same stuff over and over again and because they knew they had a solid fanbase to do this
– you get a unique glimpse of the life of a touring band and you can literray feel how exhausting it is to tour for 3months straight
– their vocalist Nathan is insane and unpredictable which led him to break one of his shoulders
– all in all the tour cost every participant $100
– “nothing matters” was the most used sentence throughout the film, parts of the band have a pretty nihilistic view of the world

In summary: This is a highly recommendable documentary, rarely did 10,5h pass by so quickly. It never got boring, even when they talk about life and existence and all that for about 30min. To get an idea of what you would expect, here is a trailer:

You can find the free torrents of the documentary as well as the possibility to donate money on the website.


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