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2011/05/31 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Key Losers – California Lite

K Records, from its base in Olympia, Washington, has been a vital part of the Pacific Northwest’s independent music scene for decades now, but it may be in the past four years or so, with the appearance of LAKE, the release of Adrian Orange & Her Band and Karl Blau really gaining his stride,  that it’s become the source of what could be the most typically Northwestern pop music yet made.

Key Losers is a projected headed by Katy Davidson, formerly of Portland’s folky/twee garage-rock group Dear Nora, and California Lite, its lyrical themes centered around the highways that connect the coastal states, is being released by Phil Elverum’s label, but it is still very much a product of the contemporary K Records constellation – Elverum is certainly a member of that scene, releasing a number of The Microphones albums on the label and serving as drummer and engineer for the off-kilter afro-beat of the previously mentioned Adrian Orange album; Karl Blau plays saxophone on California Lite, two members of LAKE contribute, and Elverum recorded. The album has the same distinctive sound of their recent work, possessed of a funk that reflects the region’s grey skies and moisture, but also the incredible verdancy that comes with them. This music can be ramshackle and loose, but in the way an old wooden cabin might be – where ever it may be falling apart, it’s filled with new life.

Contemplative music for a biome.

California Lite is out now on P.W. Elverum and Sun.


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