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2011/05/31 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Ryan Teague – Causeway

2005’s Six Preludes  EP and 2006’s Coins and Crosses LP by Ryan Teague contained modern Classical pieces that shared structures and tones with contemporary Ambient music and featured some electronic flourishes, similar in intent if not result to the work of Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Causeway, prefigured by the 2010 single “High Knoll,” (the first of Lo Recording’s Explorer’s Club singles series) appearing again as the second track, is a work for solo acoustic guitar, looped and layered, has a deeply mystic feeling to it, but of a kind fundamentally different from the various Western Raga players descended from Jack Fahey and Robbie Basho (such as Jack Rose, C. Joynes, and Sir Richard Bishop.) While those musicians summon a hazy blend of past musics, their wanderings and ruminations suggesting collective memories and soil. Teague’s work on Causeway sound like crisp performances of songs from a Deist folk tradition, devotional music for a Divine Watchmaker; the immaculate guitar lines interlocking precisely, joining the minute and the cosmic. Each piece, less static than eternal, displays its grand rotation before giving way to an equally lovely and hypnotic successor.

Causeway has been given a limited release by Sonic Pieces, who have also posted the album for streaming in its entirety on soundcloud; you can absorb it below:


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