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2011/06/11 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Trouble Books & Mark McGuire

After last year’s triumphant Does It Look Like I’m Here?, the members of Emeralds are already hard at work with other projects; here guitarist Mark McGuire has teamed with Ohio compatriots Trouble Books for an album which showcases both artists’ naturally complementary styles. On their own, Trouble Books play delicate, blipping bedroom pop covered in synth washes; McGuire his already a fairly prolific solo artist with a very distinctive style of guitar playing and looping. Trouble Books & Mark McGuire, while being generically eponymous, is also an appropriate name: the album does mostly sound like both of them simultaneously; if it skews in any direction, it’s towards McGuire, whose sound at this point is rather unmistakable, and who takes the forefront during the record’s purely instrumental segments. Those frequent wanderings are just as much the point as the bits that approach (but never come to close) to pop song structures, and together they bring to mind a campfire sing-along that continually breaks off to stare at the stars.

Relentlessly pretty.

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire is about to go to a second vinyl pressing, available for pre-order from Bark & Hiss.


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