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2011/06/12 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Slow Loris – Routine Glow

Wes Doyle’s Extra Colors (2010) was an enjoyable lo-fi nugget of the kind of shimmering, psychedelically-tinged bedroom rock that forms the beating hear of the surf(-like) revival arm of chillwave (are we still collectively pretending that’s a thing?), peppered with goofy excursions like “Sofa Music” and  odd jewels like “Witchita,” which sounded like a demo of Jeff Mangum playing with The Strange Boys. Now, still under the name Slow Loris (a criminally adorable species of primate,) Doyle has decreased his music’s muddiness a tidbit and expanded the breadth of his 60’s gestures while fusing his hooky take on those sounds with that of some classic indie rock referents of the 80’s and 90’s, most especially Built to Spill; “Everybody Knows” would fit snugly in the tracklist of Keep It Like a Secret. If Routine Glow was full of similar exercises,  it would pass as a skilled but derivative tribute of sorts, but when put in the middle of an album made with a deft hand for recombination and invention (as if they were two distinct phenomena), “Everybody Knows” is thrilling in its ability to summon up a particular style not very often emulated with success. Routine Glow‘s ability to integrate these loving nods to classic indie rock, to sound as much like Dinosaur Jr. as Beach Fossils, comes as a welcome opening up of a contemporary musical style which increasingly feels a bit too closed in on itself.

If you have some room in your heart for a guitar this June, it should be the one played by Doyle on this album.

Routine Glow is available (along with Extra Color and the EP dream/vacation) as a free download on Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order the album on vinyl.



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