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2011/06/21 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Hoquets – Belgotronics

The full-length debut from this American-Belgian-French trio sees them creating a sort of post-punk focused on rhythm and percussion that can bring to mind These New Puritans, their use of newly invented instruments reminiscent of both Micachu and, yes, the Central African electrified-likembé music featured in the Congotronics series (released by Crammed Discs, the long-running Belgian label also responsible for this album), and the light-heartedness they bring to performing 16 songs about Belgium invokes the buoyancy of a Javelin, or, say, They Might Be Giants.

The Belgian topics they address range from cities (Brusells, Charleroi, Bruges and Ghent…kind of) to history, dances “Chaud Boulet,” and a call for NATO command to leave the capital (while lamenting that it’s too late, as it already has its own postal code) to tributes to May wine:

and a Belgian sweet that may require instructions for eating:

Correct. Tt would be hard for the album to be much more fun.

Belgotronics is, as mentioned, out on Crammed Discs.


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