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2011/07/03 / Anton

COMPILATION // Origami Sounds: Chapter 1 & Stereogum’s Cruel Summer Mix

I’ve finally made it through my music blog feeds and thereby came across two nice compilations. One more exquisite and one more summarizing.

The first one is by the highly recommandable electronica blog Origami Sound. They just compiled their first mix including lesser know international melodic and chill electronica tracks from Naono, Aebeloe, Res Es and Terry Artovsky. Check it out on Origami Sound and pay-as-you-want on bandcamp.

The other one is the Cruel Summer mix by Stereogum (the summer in Berlin is indeed cruel), which serves as a good compilation of tracks pushed by all the relevant online zines in the last few months. So if you hate staying up-to-date (can’t blame you) or if you just made your way back to the city after escaping from disasters like nuclear destruction, e.coli or Michele Bachmann (not over yet, sorry, go back to your cave) and simply missed all the good music of the recent past, then have a listen to this 25-track mix containing hits such as Purity Ring‘s Loftcries or Frank Ocean‘s Songs for Women. Check.


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