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2011/07/06 / monteurhulot

LABEL // Saturate! Records

There must be a great temptation in running a netlabel in taking advantage of the ease and low cost of distributing digitally encoded music to constantly release a flood of material, throwing out more and more material, hoping that some will stick with listeners. The taste and restraint of Hamburg’s half-year old Saturate! Records is all the more impressive in light of their exclusive use of bandcamp to distribute all releases, and with each new carefully and gorgeously constructed addition to their catalog they become a more and more engaging presence.

The first artist in their roster that came to my attention, heRobust, makes West Coast-style post-Dilla future funk that should make Dâm-Funk weep, while Luisterwaar rolls up a flawless mixture of Glitch-Hop, Dubstep and BoC Boom-Bap like a German Flying Lotus with an 8-bit preoccupation.

On Saturate’s two newest releases, Krampfhaft delivers a frenetic amalgam of UK Funky, Juke and Electro…

while Acre’s Paths proves to be a six-track block of blippy, obsidian-hewn dubstep, the lovechild of Hyperdub and Jahtari.

With so many accomplished EP’s and full lengths (all of which can be streamed here, with a number being available on a pay-what-you-will basis, and others for just a few of your real or converted Euros) in just the time since last December, Saturate! seems to be out to win the 2011 Electronic Music Olympics. Keep an ear out for more.



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