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2011/07/11 / Anton

1/2 2011 // SHOWS

All throughout the week, we’ll be reviewing some our personal and collective favorite music from the first half of 2011. begin with a list of the most entertaining concerts we have attended since January 1st.

1. one review of the New Year’s concert by Hundreds and SDNMT at the Volksbühne, Berln was given the headline “The feeling of having seen the best concert of the year on the first day of the year.” I can only agree.

2. Liturgy – Leevee Club, Berlin

3. Ben Frost – Berghain. I guess there are only few places appropriate enough to host a Ben Frost show. Berghain is one of them.

4. Julianna Barwick – .HBC

5. I waited long enough to see Emeralds for first time. One month ago I had the chance to see them and Oneohtrix Point Never support Caribou in Berlin. OPN was okay, retrofuturistic cybernoise without his Juno 6 but Emeralds really killed it.

6. Bodi Bill – Lido

7. There were also quite a number of excellent performances at this year’s SXSW.

Tomorrow we’ll have part one of the review of our favorite albums of the past six months.

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