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2011/07/20 / monteurhulot

EP // Ranvir Bassi – No Fidelity, Dear Leader

Ranvir Bassi‘s work up to now has often been difficult and harshly digital, but on his new triptych No Fidelity, Dear Leader, he has even more fully embraced dissonance and noise. In his own words:

I could say it’s my rebellion against fidelity… rebellion against the same fidelity I once was slave to. The same fidelity I would pull my hair out to get and still fail. In a way this EP is my attempt at taking that failure and presenting it as a good thing. Unashamedly embracing shitty fidelity.

No Fidelity plays as a brief, abstract narrative of claiming a victory over machines by forsaking them – it’s dizzying, uninviting rotations invoking life in an extraterrestrial mining station, “No Truth, Technicolor” unleashing a cathartic maelstrom, as if stabbing  through the processing heart of a central computer with a shard of glass.

If going over to Bassi’s Bandcamp page to download these tracks, one may also peruse his remix collection, Edit/Vir, which runs the gamut from blissfully calm acoustic edits of Zero 7 tracks to distant tech-step reworks of John Legend and the Roots, as well as a version of “Rachel” which turns up Sleigh Bells to a 13 from their normal 11. You may also want to reexamine There are no maps to find me, his magnum opus to date, which, as a constantly mutating document of its time, has changed a bit since we first reviewed it, now including the glitchy delight “Art Money,” 8-bit slow jam “Nee-sai Pee-sai”  and the noir-step dirge “Last Moor,” among others. All your favorite hits, kids!


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