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2011/07/22 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Keith Freund – Constant Comments

Last month, we spent a few words on the collaboration between Emeralds member Mark McGuire and Ohio duo Trouble Books. Now comes the release of a full length from one of the Trouble Books, which serves to highlight the distinctions between McGuire’s style and Freund’s. McGuire’s loop-heavy work gives a constant sense of motion, each track like gazing at the horizon from a rail car, or staring at a single object for an extended period, trying to acquire knowledge of its depths. Freund, uses unduplicated guitar lines backed by long synth and organ tones, as well as extended stretches of field recording and environmental noise, deployed in a manner somewhat similar to Lawrence English’s album with the Tenniscoats, Temporacha. The effect is more akin to walking around a neighborhood one is well acquainted with, pausing now in then to take in a particular smell or to ponder a particular landmark and the memories associated with it.

It’s a massively, blindingly calm and pleasant album, and, as all good ambient music must, it has quality song titles that range from evocative neologisms (“Eye Colorism,” “Supernaturealm”) to the bizarre (“The Rectumless Flight of Angles.”) and the semi-comedic (“Horses on Air.”)

Constant Comments will be available on vinyl in a run of 300 (100 of those on green vinyl) on August 16 from Experimedia.



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