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2011/07/26 / monteurhulot

EP // Vondelpark – nyc stuff and nyc bags

Vondelpark put forward an interesting combination of shoegaze-tinted post-rock with garage beats on last year’s Sauna; now at this juncture they stand with five tracks that hit just about every 2011 blogocentric music trend button: white people making abstract muddied R&B, chillwave, “post-dubstep,” sounding as though Jamie xx was involved – let’s just be thankful there are no triangles to be found on the cover.

There's a dog instead!

Thing is, these songs are full of such lovely touches – the background bleeps in “TV,” the brief, clipped dubby horns that prove the most delicious part of both “Feat B” and possible-stand-out “Hipbone,” and the wide-range of influences is so thoroughly melted down that this should be a moment at which we can lay down our ridiculous trend-and-influence game and simply enjoy a wonderful slice of contemporary popular music.

Or, to play the ridiculous trend-and-influence game: it’s as though James Blake hired Breton and Tom Krell to make his album more interesting!

Available from R&S Records on vinyl and digital is something it definitely is.



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