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2011/08/25 / monteurhulot

EP // I’lls’ – Thread

When looking at a broad swath of works, ‘influence’ can be a very difficult to determine, but I’d still state that Radiohead’s Kid A at least prefigured the pop music that was to come over the decade after its release more than any other single album from tail end of the 1990’s or the beginning of the aughts. Still, especially in comparison to the countless number of acts who tried to create their own OK Computer or The Bends, it’s been somewhat rare to hear an artist that had the temerity or ability to aim closely for the sound of Kid A. Therefore it’s almost refreshing to hear, after the ambient introduction “To Second Guess Oneself,” skittering drums straight out of “Idioteque” and those same pleasingly dystopian synth sounds, to return on the “To Not Second Guess Oneself.” There are many other characteristics that seem to closely match Radiohead circa 2000 – the specific way the vocals are multitracked, pitch-shifted and cut, the fade-out into creepy distant effects on “When I Know.” If one wanted to be glib, you could call Thread Chillwave’s answer (finally!) to Kid A – but that would be selling it short in all sorts of ways. There’s a bit of Mount Kimbie‘s guitar work and hallway-sized sound construction in “Northern Corners” and “Thrice,” and a passing similarity to Bon Iver’s new work on “Too Many Words,” many of the pleasingly amorphous textures of fellow Australian artist Faux Pas; the epic build and swoop of Sigur Rós on closer “See You In London.” Again, the work of comparison-making seems not to do justice to what can be called an astonishingly accomplished work. These are deep, rich songs which take quite a number of listens to fully explore – when experiencing Threads as yet another piece of electronically-aided pop/rock put up on Bandcamp, it’s easy to initially discount its profundity.

And one of the band members is named Hamish, which is a wonderful bonus one only seems to get from acts out of Australia and New Zealand.

I’ll’s’s’ses’es’s’s have made Thread available to stream and purchase in digital form, or on “compact disc,” whatever that is.



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