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2011/09/03 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Lo-Fi-Fnk – The Last Summer

There are certain kinds of sticky-sweet pop music that demand to be shared, even if just to force on others the burden of an endlessly catchy melody. The Last Summer, a new collection (which includes a few songs released months to years back) from Stockholm’s Lo-Fi-Fnk, is, superficially, constructed in that now familiar Swedish manner of the past half-decade, in which slightly twee pop is worked over with electronics and reified 80’s vibes; however, where an album like the Tough Alliance’s The New School (2005), maybe Summer‘s closest analog (Lo-Fi-Fnk even drop in a Francophone dialogue sample) was composed of synth-pop songs with House-y flavors, the tracks on Summer are more like House music built with synth-pop elements – although one rarely hears a house track that begins with something as relentlessly goofy as the 12-bit yakkety-sax horns at that begin “Sleepless.”

While the breathy vocal melodies are prominent on most tracks, a steady 4/4 beat and piano stabs remain at their cores. – an interesting re-balancing of what might otherwise be an overfamiliar electronic indie-pop formula. More urgently, though, is the fact that a number of these songs are unforgivingly good – the bouncy, Queen-paraphrasing “Last Summer,” the bass anthem-about-bass anthems “Boom”

and, most especially, “Want U,” an absolutely gargantuan piece of bedroom pop, it’s tender core explosively inverted, it’s timidity turned to rave synths.

Last Summer, encoded on two different kinds of petrochemical products, or in a file formated offered on some kind of dumb online store, can be acquired in exchange for certain socially-agreed upon abstract representations of accumulated value, if you have some of those.



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