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2011/09/11 / monteurhulot


The triangle, colons and signum sectioni scream “witch house,” and the intriguing genre label “mythical filth popmakes one expect sludgy electronic psych; however the production here is immaculately clean, which one might expect from producer Sabzi, the man behind the smooth boom-bap of Seattle duos Blue Scholars and Common Market (as well as the beat for “All Tan Everything,” so hey.) The “mythical” part of the name is somewhat appropriate – while there are similarities here to Doomtree chanteuse Dessa and the way that jj has breathily appropriated Top 40 hip-hop (okay, so, Lil’ Wayne) some of the lyrical foci are reminiscent of mystically and pastorally inclined (the first line sung makes reference to Vetiver ) folk of the past: opener “Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet)” brings to mind Vashti Bunyan riding around in a haunted Cadillac.

The last year has been full of re-imaginings of R&B and the re-use of the sort of sparse 808-based hip-hop found south of the Mason-Dixon line; Apori is refreshingly crisp; foregoing lo-fi effects (no offense, Tom Krell) and relying more on a slightly diagonal approach (see: the harps on “Holla Mears”) and some exceedingly anthemic choruses. The best thing that might reasonably be called “witch house” since Holy Other and DATERAPE.

So go download it. It’s available on a pay-what-you-will basis.



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  1. rylandtm / Sep 23 2011 09:02

    can. Not. Stop. Listening.

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