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2011/09/22 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Laura Arkana met Peter Broderick – Lentemuziek

Peter Broderick has, for a number of years now, been a fascinating utility player and collaborator, coming from the ever-verdant Portland folk-rock scene, where he played with a number of their best outfits, he’s released a number of solo works that swim in the sea between ambient and sparse neoclassical, as well as spreading his tendrils to the Continent and working with Denmark’s Efterklang and pianist Nils Frahm – his central purpose seems to be to create (or help to create music with acoustic instrumentation which manages to stay engaging while being unrestingly pretty.

At that task, he’s been regularly successful. With Lentemuziek, a collaboration with songwriter Laura Arkana, singing here in Dutch,  Broderick has involved himself in the crafting an album that gives the impression that it will be standing in the pantheon of achingly gorgeous acoustic pop albums, alongside such works as I See The Sign, Colour Green, How Sad, How Lovely, Veneer, and a number of the entries in the Kings of Convenience catalog, and yeah, sure, Pink Moon.

Perhaps there’s nothing here that could be labeled “innovative,” nothing that intertwines or bends away from one trend or another, and maybe that makes it a difficult thing to write about – but, really, just listen:

Lentemuziek is available on Hush records, in three of your Earth formats.


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