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2011/09/28 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Mark McGuire – Get Lost

Mark McGuire has been so prolific in the past 3 years or so, with over ten tapes and LP’s to his name, that a new release seems to be questionably noteworthy; however, in the case of Get Lost, there’s good reason to take it into consideration: it’s likely his best solo work to date, a hi-fidelity summation of the elements that have gone into his work so far, with hints of what might develop in the future- the six tracks here are still very much McGuire’s trademark Kosmic Jamzz, all eternally cascading guitars, while “Alma” and it’s reprise (matched with “Chances Are”) include actual verbal vocalization, summoning memories of his collaboration earlier this year with Trouble Books; “Another Dead End” wanders for a minute before abruptly breaking into one of McGuire’s best riffs, while Firefly Constellations ranks as one of his longest jams, like a solar sail escorting an aquarium full of porpoises to the Kuiper belt.

You can give a listen to the opener and title track, which slowly builds from sonar pulses to showcase some of the strange inverted-rock god voodoo that McGuire displays when performing live with Emeralds, who are much louder than you might think.

Commended and recommended.

Get Lost is available on analog petroleum from Editions Mego.


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