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2011/10/11 / monteurhulot

EP // The Bronzed Chorus – Gleaning

How does one create new instrumental rock music without succumbing to bori cliché ? Keep your release to four tracks, maintain a breakneck pace, balance your levels of Math Rock and Post-Rock (bringing the bright textures and unpredictable dynamics of the first to the broad, intuitive emotional pull of the latter) pull in a few classic Space Rock moves, add a modded Atari 2600, and come up with the best song title of 2011, in the form of “Are We Not Speedwagon?”

Doing that, Greensboro’s The Bronzed Chorus ended up with a richer and more exciting sound than many groups operating with more than two members.

Simple, isn’t it?

Gleaning is out on Hello Sir Records.



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  1. Shamus Johnson / Oct 11 2011 23:03

    The Bronzed Chorus rawk!!! They’re gonna be the next Aerosmith!!!

    • TV ecHo / Oct 12 2011 01:52

      Does that mean they’ll eventually be featured in a bizarre video game in which you help the Bronzed Chorus fight the New World Order?

      • Shamus Johnson / Nov 17 2011 18:45

        Yes, that’s exactly what that means.

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