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2011/10/14 / monteurhulot

EP // Co La – Fugitive of Leisure

At first listen, Fugitive of Leisure from Co La (Matthew Papich of Ecstatic Sunsine) seems very much a product of 2011.  There’s a fashionable use of space and vocal processing, an exotic familiarity in the choice of percussion sounds, even a kora sample! One expects at a certain moment for everything to dive into Witch-House, at the next to float off into abstract Future Garage. That it never does is to Papich’s credit, and the first hint that these four tracks are an impressive contemporary update of avant-garde sounds of the past: one can hear the tape-slicing instincts of musique concrète, the looping style of 60’s minimalism, and the odd 80’s synth-pastiche of Art of Noise. “Blood Orange Crush” is a bubbling, woozy update of the latter, while “Blanketing Marakeesh” sounds like the result of Steve Reich and Luc Ferrari mailing each other tapes of Doo-wop.

The driving “3 Women” feels newer, and not too far away from something Kieran Hebden might cook up. “Manhattan Possessions” goes right back to heady temporal confusion, suggesting all of the aforementioned artists, as well as Lou Reed, John Cale, James Murphy, John Cale covering James Murphy, Moondog covering Lou Reed and Kurt Vonnegut covering Moondog. All in under 4 minutes!

Deceptive, dazzling, available on cassette.



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