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2011/11/16 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Coldair – Far South

And here’s the album that best summarizes O(h)rtlos in 2011.

How so?

Well, our list of 30 favorites albums from the first half of the year already included an LP from Kyst and the efforts of a Kyst member; Coldair is a project of Kyst’s drummer and singer Tobiasz Biliński, and his follow-up to Persephone sounds like a mixture of smooth, warm Wisconsin and delicate, ornate Portland, with the textural and temporal space characteristic of Kyst. Far South shares much with the poppier moments of Kyst’s debt Cotton Touch; “I Won’t Stay Up” in particular is a potent ear-worm, but there are plenty of other little gems, culminating in the magisterial “To Know.”

Not only is it very much worth a listen, it’s also your chance to get a great deal with an exotic currency. It will be the best thing you’ve ever spent zlotny on.


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