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2011/11/22 / Anton

SHOW // Nils Frahm + A Winged Victory for the Sullen @ Radialsystem V

I first heard of Nils Frahm when he still played keyboard in the band Siva. Now a few years later he sells out the Radialsystem V in Berlin and is being praised by media from all over with his recent full length “Felt” (stream snippets of it HERE). His modern-classical approach definitely attracts a younger audience – yet not too young to be filming the whole shows with their iPhone as a lot of people usually do at concerts (I saw roughly three of those from my seat high above).

Opening up for him were Erased Tapes labelmates A Winged Victory For The Sullen, who just returned from a two-week US tour. I saw them not too long ago with Hauschka at the Volksbühne and I liked them a little more back then, their set was more focused and the atmosphere clearly more intimate.

Then Frahm entered the stage with shoulder bag, as well (he never opened it – are there that many thief in the backstage these days?), starting with “Said and Done” – one of my favorite songs. I will have to admit that it was rather hard for me to keep this one tear from crawling out, it was the prettiest beginning one could imagine…way too cheesy, I know.

Since I’m not a music journalist I will not even pretend to be able to name the songs that followed, also just like any good solo piano show it would be impossible anyway. Frahm has a similar approach as Hauschka (maybe not as radical), playing the whole piano (not just the keys) using digital effects such as delays and even going so far as to add a synth interlude.

The most memorable part of the evening surely was when Peter Broderick (who also just released an album on Erased Tapes and who, as Frahm said, inspired him to record his music in the first place) joined him to play a funny and sometimes even lovably amateurish improv collaboration including clapping-loops used as background beats and the two dancing around on stage. The night was closed with a melancholic tune that included themes from his magnificent “Wintermusik” record, leaving everyone touched and certain that they have seen one of the more memorable shows of a winter that looks to be filled with lots and lots of good shows..

Here is Nils Frahm performing the aforementioned “Said and Done” at the Haldern Pop Festival in 2010.

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  1. ciaron / Nov 24 2011 01:17

    Nice review, thanks! I really enjoyed this show!

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