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2011/12/05 / monteurhulot

EP // Pye Corner Audio & The Advisory Circle – Study Series 07 ‘Autumnal Activites’

(Alright, so it’s more of a single, but we’re rather locked into the title formatting by now.)

A release like this is inherently cheering – from the very first time I heard Pye Corner Audio, it was clear that the music perfectly fit the aesthetic of the Ghost Box label, and now Pye joins Advisory Circle for a new entry in Ghost Box’s wonderfully designed singles series. It’s not just that it’s nice to see Pye Corner recognized as a perfect fit for the label’s hauntological, BBC Radiophonic Workshop-indebted style and drafted into the fold: the newcomer actually does broaden the stylistic range found inside Ghost Box’s small, specific universe. There’s a propulsiveness, a solidness to the percussion, almost a dance floor orientation to the work of Pye’s Head Technician that’s not nearly as present in the music of, for example, Belbury Poly and Mount Vernon Arts Lab,  hence “November Sequence” briges the gap between Ghost Box and Space Disco.

The real treat here is “Cloud Control,” which features a superlatively lovely joy-of-Science synth melody paired with a Library Music spy theme bass line and a warm, punchy kick: perfect music for the world’s most hypnotic, inspiring educational video, or nice incidental music if you happen to be traveling back in time to spike the drinks at a 1963 meeting of the National Academy of Sciences with MDMA.

Here’s a clip:

Vinyl and digital. Ghost Box. Ghoooost Box!


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