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2012/01/30 / monteurhulot

LABEL // Dopefish Family

In the past year or so, net labels like Radology and Hyperboloid have provided a window onto a surprisingly engaging contingent of new music producers from a Russian music scene that, from the outside, can be exceedingly opaque.

In 2012, Dopefish Family is making a solid play to be added to the roster of Russians to follow, with two equally promising offerings of warped synth goodness. Milky Toad and Chikiss conjure a sort of hauntological dream-pop reminiscent of Paavoharju’s arboreal weirdness across the Finnish border, while Silver Boy’s Voyuer balances Chillwave-generation low-motion-Disco with butter-thick slabs of Synth-Funk Exotica of the sort one can imagine a sleazy vacation rental company commissioning for a promotional VHS tape. The two albums are different in genre but share an unmistakble affinity for layers and layers of past-atuned synths, and it should be very interesting to see how a Dopefish roster can expand its explorations around that central facet.

Or maybe they’ll switch to bluegrass. The future remains unwritten! We’ll let you know.



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