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2012/02/02 / monteurhulot

MP3 // Princesse – The City / Sunrise

These two new songs from your favorite delicate French musicians take up where the duo last left off, taking as a model the final song of their three-track demo: the burbling synth opens to announce that they continue to be interested in exploring 80’s sonics (in a manner less overstuffed and grandiose than certain of their disproportionately lauded countrymen) while dropping vocal refrains that are sure to be buried deep within your brain after a few listens. For a two track single titled in the reverse order in which the songs appear, it is, of course, perfectly sequenced: when delicate guitar notes begin to emerge at the 0:41 mark of “The City,” it feels as though the entire momentous sweep of the preceding “Sunrise” was there to prepare you for their impact; the title track then unfolds in a self-assured fashion, taking its time along the way to play with a sound that lands uncannily between vocoder and saxophone. There’s no third entry to match the propulsive, hypnotic character of the demo’s “After the Sun,” which first caught my ear so forcefully, but after spending enough quality time with these songs, it’s clear that the fellows in Princesse don’t need to make such a insistent appeal to the ear. They have made two songs that reveal their superb construction and luxurious ornamentation at their own leisurely pace.

It sounds like Princesse are doing some stretches before they smack us all across the face with a burning hot album. We can certainly hope so, can’t we?

Long live free music.


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