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2012/02/08 / monteurhulot

VIDEO // Moon Bounce – Telephone

We took (shamefully brief) note of Moon Bounce fairly early, so I don’t have a problem getting to this new video after XLR8R, and I do particularly want to make a mention of it, as it’s one of my favorites in recent memory.

“Telephone” can be seen as a spiritual sequel to the video for the epochal “Once In A Lifetime.” Both are, at their core, videos in which uncomfortable-looking white men in suits do silly dances. In the earlier piece, a sweaty David Byrne build his routine through imitation, mimicking the movements of the pastor, the salesman, the nervous wreck, and, with the aid of global communications technology (we see video of the very people he mimics) villagers of Africa and South Asia. His goofy dance is constructed of exaggerated versions of quotidian actions lifted from a range of different lifestyles around the world.

Three decades later, in a world much further enmeshed by communication technologies, Corey Regensburg, again clad in suit and bowtie, is confronted by a lone (aesthetically out-of-date) telephone and finds either the (excessive?) information conveyed over it or alternatively its (crisis-inducing) lack of functionality to be so overwhelming that he is reduced to staring forward with a mixture of terror and incomprehension, uselessly interrogating it as a physical object, attempting to use it as another piece of technology (a sequencer/sampler) and descending into manic hallucination. Mimesis breaks down, madness begins. Although Byrne (in character) acts in the earlier piece as though he may have been on the verge of madness himself.

Mostly, they’re both a lot of fun.

The song itself starts with some early-Four Tet strings, lays on some off-kilter R&B rhythms and a wickedly pitch-shifted refrain, goes out with a jungle break and generally makes one quite excited to hear the full-length album being cooked up for a Spring release.

We’ll tell you about it!



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