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2012/03/06 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Musette – Drape Me In Velvet

2009’s Datum was a very pleasant amalgam of chamber folk and instrumental pop redolent of days gone by, but this new offering is something altogether more magical. Drape Me In Velvet sounds like a lost work of The Clientele produced by the Avalanches which has spent the last 12 years sitting in an attic where rays autumnal light are always filtering through clouds of dust motes. Rarely is instrumental music this bursting with melody or so evocative in texture. An album one listen to repeatedly with never lessening delight. It might be the anti-Chillwave, and I’d rather smile mistily at all its gentle little turns than say another word about it.

Drape Me In Velvet is out from Häpna.

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