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2012/03/14 / monteurhulot

EP // Balue – Worry Toobs

Hey there, everyone who’s not at SXSW!

The ‘beach pop’ phenomenon of the last few years has resulted in a body of pleasant, inoffensive, but fairly insubstantial material, along with some good songs from acts like Best Coast and more sterling music from Beach Fossils last year. If you live in a temperate location in the Northern Hemisphere and presentiments of Spring leave you longing for a return to that sound, you would do well to consult with Balue, hailing from the sandy beach mecca of Denver, Colorado. They’ve mastered the wistful mid-fidelity aesthetic that serves as the (sub) genre’s entry requirement, added some correspondingly wistful lyrics and then made the crucial next step of finding noteworthy hooks, especially Worry Toobs lead track, “Australian Summer,” “Looking for a Pearl,” and on “Darlin’,” which kicks off by playfully stepping up to the brink of simply becoming Ducktails “Hamilton Road” before repeatedly pulling back at the last moment. “Brain Folds” deserves particular admiration as  a well-considered nod to Olivia Tremor Control (by way, perhaps, of Dr. Dog)

Go download Worry Toobs for free and pretend you live on the Pacific Coast.


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