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2012/03/22 / monteurhulot


So good I dropped my embargo on using triangles as characters.

Skweee is an odd, lovable beast, with a distinctly goofy allure. Emerging only slightly after Dubstep, it often seems like a forgotten cousin; snuggled away in Scandanavia and the Baltics, never having much of a transatlantic cross-over (except, of course, in Portland Oregon) Skweee made many of the same moves, but instead of drawing from a gene-pool of UK Garage House, 90’s American R&B and Dub, it started from an unabashed love for 80’s synth-funk and then threw in odd-ball elements, epitomized by the shockingly appropriate Indo-Arabic instrumentation of Oslo-based duo Easy & Center of the Universe. There’s some of the latter in KOΔƎK’s music (and in his Omar Souleyman cover art) but the main differential is just how hard it is compared to the usual smooth squiggly nature of the genre; the bit-reduced slam of the tracks make “Swkugg” to Skweee what Grime is to Dubstep (without, so far, the MC’s, a development that would be truly mind-bending.) The giggly sonic aggression fits perfectly with KOΔƎK’s visual aesthetic, a pink and teal overload of Internet kawaii-psych insanity that makes Seapunk look straight-laced.

I mean, look at this:

Thanks, Latvia!



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  1. $KODEK VAN BUUREN (@SHPROTEK4444) / Mar 22 2012 22:50

    hAHHA THANKS ! ^____________^

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