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2012/04/03 / monteurhulot

ALBUM // Boxer The Horse – French Residency

I’ve spent the last two weeks yet again torn between my inability to muster any substantial commentary on a piece of music and my desire to use the tiny platform of O(h)rtlos to make sure that at least a few more people come to hear it.

Continuing from my earlier stated belief that 2012 is a year in which Canada will save indie rock, the music in question is by Boxer the Horse, from the delightfully left-field location of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Apparently they’ve received some awards from the CBC.

Do they bear the influence of a number of beloved groups of the 1990’s, Pavement foremost among them? Yes.

Is their song and lyric writing as good as that of Pavement in their prime? QUITE POSSIBLY.

Should that make you quiveringly excited? YES.

After listening to French Residency in full, and maybe even shoveling over ten virtual loonies, you should also check out their 2010 release Would you Please, which is also of an excellent quality, as you can plainly hear:



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